Located in Verdun on Wellington street (4559A) the store is very easy to access by metro (De L’Église or Verdun), bus or by car.

Fish keeping and the love for reptile are both growing hobbies. Ideal for people who are allergic to cats and dogs they are also noiseless and odorless. Easy to take care of, they can adapt to any lifestyle.
Aquarium and Aquascaping are often related to a Zen mood and way of life. It is also very relaxing in a house or in an office.

Co-Founder of Aquarium Terre et Mer, Alex is been in the business for more than 15 years. His motivation to open the store was to be able to share his knowledge – in all honesty – with the people.
He is well-known in the industry for the quality of his service and advice. He loves to share his passion and loves to take good care of his customers.

To read:

The boutique regularly takes part in photo shoot or shooting for television, music video or artist.

  • We have lend snakes for a Usher video clip
  • We have lend snakes for an episode of Camera Café
  • We did shooting for local artist ;
    - L’Élephant mauve
    - Krista Bursey

For more information or if you have any question, come and meet us, you will not be disappointed!!
The Aquarium Terre et Mer team
Alex, Joelle, Francis and Vincent
(514) 761-3030